If you liked my previous articles you will definitely NOT like these two:

They are long behemoths (more essays than articles) I which I have tried to be as erudite as possible. I'm not sure why - probably some complex, big ego or other personality disorder. I dare you to try to read them. If not you can always read this quick summary:

  • Judicial System
    bla bla bla. Why don't we pay more attention to the victims of the crime and include them in the resocialization process? The resociallization process should start with reparation of the damage bla bla bla
  • Statistics
    bla bla bla Using GDP indicator to evaluate your ministers is a BAD IDEA™ . We can use National Happiness Index, we can use purchase power, finally if we are careful, we can even use GDP, but only in relation to GDP generated by negative effects such as police inefficiency (private security firms), public health inefficiency (private health) etc. bla bla bla

Finally I came with some information about me. Yes, I'm THAT egocentric.