About me

Generous, sociable, interesting and hardworking – these are just few of qualities which I do NOT have. What I do have is a naive trust in humanity which led me to have this pompous idea that by publishing my thoughts trough Internet I can change the world.

I was never affiliated to any political organization (and want to keep it this way, at least for now). First 19 years of my life I have spent in Kielce, Poland. The very first book I read by myself was a fiction based on actual events from Polish history in XII century. As a result I became fascinated with history and books quite early. When I was 11, Poland dropped communism and started to change both political and economic systems so my interests evolved into social science…or to me more exact in one of its’ basic motivations like greed, which brought me to study business administration after my high school.

During my studies I have lived my second revolution – a technological one. Although I wrote my first programs in BASIC on ATARI in late eighties or early nineties, I haven’t really been much of IT guy until I become aware of Internet. Even though I never lost my interest in economics I started to spend more time with the new tools I have gotten. IRC fascination thought me basic UNIX and shell scripting. Web pages experience thought me to code in HTML, PHP and ASP and Asp.Net. I don’t even know when I became involved in various IT activities. Maybe it was my summer job as web pages coder, maybe a work as a student’s help on the chair of IT in business (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at my university, or maybe my experience with www.phpBB.com, where I was an active user for some time (I had been moderator for a short time). Anyway I have sunk completely into IT. My final college thesis was about surveying in Internet, for which I coded scripts called Marketing Survey Tool (MST) and provided it for free on my previous site.

Third experience which influenced my views was traveling. I have always been of nomadic type. Even though I was born in Poland I studied in Germany. Additionally I made MBA in Spain. After my studies I started to work as IT consultant (SAP) for a Spanish supplier form automotive sector. As part of this job I was required to participate in international projects. Besides Germany and Spain I have lived at least few months in England, Hungary, USA, China, India and Brazil. The traveling increased my awareness of local differences. It thought me that there are always more choices and more solutions than we usually take into consideration. These international experiences opened my mind and made me thinking about things I was previously accepting without any consideration, like the very nature of democratic political system and elections.

So here you have me. I’m Radoslaw Kmiecicki (I know – it’s unpronounceable for anyone outside of Poland, so you can call me just Radek), still working as IT consultant, living in Madrid, Spain (at least when I’m not in a project). Democracy requires openness and I was never shy about myself, but I am also IT guy - I don’t like spiders to get my e-mail address, nor do I want someone to steal my identity to register some shady domains (actually both things already happened to me once with my previous pages), so if you need to contact me, just register here and poke me through the site’s messaging system.